Tue Dec 08 2009

On Thursday ( 12/3 ) I have the opportunity to speak at the Wisconsin Azure User Group.  I want to first say thank you for the invite, Wade and I had a blast talking with everyone.

We managed to cover a great deal of information.  I am going to try and just hit the high points, attach some demo's, etc.

PDC Roundup

Wade covered Azure and specifically:

  • Windows Azure AppFabric Dallas* SQL Azure

Rather than going into each of the different topics just check out Wade's blog post for everything he covered. 

During my part of the talk ( i.e. what Wade decided to leave me ), I covered the Silverlight 4 announcements along with a number of random .NET announcements.  You can see all of that in the presentation below:



I couldn't do I also did a few demos, specifically:

  1. A printing technique in .NET and WPF.2. Basic MEF, or Hello World with MEF3. ASP.NET MVC in concert with MEF.  Here we used MEF to dynamically load a portion of the MVC site.

You can download the source for those demos here:

Printing Demo: Source MEF Demo: Source MEF and MVC Demo: Source

But wait that's not all....

Zune HD. Seriously, if you have not seen this device you just have to. Hit up Zune.net.

Bing Maps.  This past week we released the beta of the Silverlight, DeepZoom, and Photosynth.  Make sure you visit our new maps @ http://www.bing.com/maps/explore/#

If you were a bit early to the UG meeting you might have noticed the following video playing on the screen.  As a very handy guy who has always built his machine you just have to love this video.


As always please feel free to reach out.