Mon Apr 04 2011


Finally after almost of 4 months of waiting, my Introduction to WebMatrix article has shipped in this months MSDN Magazine. I guess they save the best for last Winking smile If you don't get the magazine you can view it online here: At the very end of the article I also referenced a resource link bundle which is here:

First Ever

This was a first for me. It was an good experience and one of which I hope to build upon.  When I finished I wrote up a little post on my experience.


I have to personally thank Brandon Satrom once again for all of the help and pushing me over the cliff. This is something I've always wanted to do and his mentorship was great. I also want to thank @davebost, @sseely, @humanCompiler, @mark_nic and my wife for all of their help and support. Of course thank you to the staff at MSDN for questioning everything, they are amazing.