Tue Jul 12 2011

Chicago WebConf

I will be the first to tell you there is a lot of "stuff" that happens in and around Chicago or Milwaukee on a weekly basis. A while back JC Grubbs reach out and wanted to talk about my thoughts on putting on a pure web event. I can't lie, I was all for it. I sometimes feel as if just pure web technologies get lost in all of the noise that surrounds it. With HTML5, CSS3 JavaScript 5 there is no shortage of things to learn.

On Saturday September 3rd Chicago WebConf will take place. It's two tracks with one track bring presentation, and the other broken up into half day workshops and half day design reviews.

Topics and Speakers Include:

  • User Experience Thought Process - Ryan Singer
  • HTML5 and CSS3 - Shay Howe
  • CoffeeScript - Jon Pliske
  • Building Rich Applications with Backbone - JC Grubbs
  • JavaScript.Next - Me
  • Wireframing the Right Way - Russ Unger
  • Building Sites with JQuery Mobile - Jacob Gable Right now you can still register for the early bird discount at $50, but that will be ending here on July 15th and tickets will cost $75. Space is limited so you've been warned.

Location: ITA TechNexus, 200 South Wacker, Chicago, IL


HTML5.tx is the premier event for web designers, developers and technologists in Texas. This event will be a place for people of all disciplines and backgrounds to learn from web experts and each other about HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the future of the web.

And we mean ALL disciplines and backgrounds. Developers and designers are welcome. Front-end and back-end developers will find something of interest. PHP, Rails, .NET, Python, JavaScript, and everything else will be there. We want you here. Love your browser of choice like a member of your family? Come tell us why. No matter what you do or who you are, if you love the web, you can expect to be surrounded with some of the best web-heads in Texas and beyond.

HTML5.tx will feature a great line-up of speakers, social events the night before and after the event, and people from most of the web technologies out there.

October 8th, Austin Texas, St. Edwards University

Main Site, HTML5tx.com

Registration is also open for $79

In Full Disclosure

While I am a speaker for Chicago WebConf, I personally want to see events like these become very successful. I have always been a web developer and to see how it's exploded over the years is inspiring for me. I love seeing things like these which bring all types together and craft their skills. There is so much to learn we shouldn't be doing it alone.

I'm also a member of the HTML5.tx planning team. In the same spirit of Chicago WebConf, Brandon and I wanted to see something similar happen across the region. We're starting with Austin and based on it's success you might just see HTML5.wi or HTML5.oh.

Are you planning your own event, or thinking about it? Want to bounce some ideas off me or just chat? Please do, my contact info isn't hidden.