Fri Jul 29 2011

Jeff Blankenburg, a friend of mine decided dump out his laptop bag in a blog post.

Oh yea, well Jeff here is all my crap!

So let's dump the bag...

The Bag

I guess the best place to start is the bag. I am a serious bag whore. I recently decided to downgrade to a smaller bag so I would be tempted to carry less. I went from my tried and trusted Brenthaven to a the Belkin Laptop Sling Bag and just last week to an Ogio Hip Hop bag. The last two are essential the same size. I am torn right now between the two, there are things I like and dislike about each so I am guessing a new one will just come into my life at some point regardless. Brenthaven makes without a doubt one of the best bags on the market today. I just wanted something smaller.


The Machine(s)

Well this one should be more simple than it really is. I have three that I use every day. Thinkpad w510, Samsung 9, and my iPad2. I just got the Sammy and I honestly haven't had a chance to make the full switch. My Sammy is awesome and I absolutely love it, but at the same time my w510 is an awesome workhorse but a total pain to travel with.



Arch Touch Mouse. Plan and simple Microsoft mice rock. This was my first Arch mouse and while it took a few hours to get used to I love it. Best part of all, it folds flat and shuts off. Tucks away very nice in the bag.


I never leave home without it. I use my Zune all the time and while yes I have it on the phone too, I personally prefer the stand alone device.

Zune HD Video MP3 Player

The Wifis with the GB's

None of that is any good without some wifis right.



Those are the results take from my house in the sticks. nuff said.


I always have a stack of Developer Smackdown or Thirsty Developer stickers. If you want one just ask!



The Shure SE425. Ok these babies are a bit costly but I use them daily. I listen to a lot of music and use them for podcasting. While they are not noise cancelling, they are noise eliminating. They form fit to your ear and snugly fit in your canal. Once there in, you don't hear anything. Love them, worth every penny.

SE425 Main Image - Captions - EN

Podcast Gear

The Zoom H4 Handy Recorder. Let me tell you, TSA just loves this puppy. We record all the shows off this, I also drag along 4 microphones and all the necessary cables.

** now having put it on my list it's usually not in my backpack but rather in my suitcase or car.

More Space

You just know you always have to have a USB drive on ya. This one goes with me everywhere. It's on the keychain, not exactly in my bag.


The Clicker

Yes I know they make mice that have clickers and ones with fancy times but this Kensington is my baby. I have never once had a problem with it, the feel is great and IT JUST WORKS. I really should buy another just in case they stop making it and mine breaks.

Pain Medicine

I have had a few migraines in my day. I don't leave home without some pain relief. Nothing is worse than being away with a splitting headache feeling like any ounce of light will burn a hole in your eyeballs.

Product Details

Backup Power

Energizer XP4001 Universal Rechargeable Power Pack. Life just got a lot better when I had some backup juice. This one isn't heavy and can charge two USB items at once.

Cords / Dongle thingies

You just can't leave home without needing some dongle for something. MicroUsb, Video, IPad and Zune adapters, blaa blaa blaa. Oh yea, let's not forget USB 3.


Dual USB Outlet Charger

I just bring this puppy with me everywhere and start charging up. Now some devices need a 10v USB so a different brick is required. Having this allows me to just reuse the cords I had already brought rather than bringing a slew of adapters.

AC to Dual Port USB Wall Charger

Paper and Pen

Moleskine, Field Notes and a Sharpie felt tip pen. I just prefer to write. I use my Moleskine for everything. So why the field notes. This guy is great in the pocket. So if I am at a conference or something and don't want to carry a lot , my Field Notes are right there.



Business Cards

Moo Cards all the way. I have some Mini Cards that just have my name on one side and on the back.


ET Phone Home

Everyone has a phone. Samsung Focus for me!

Help i'm lost

TomTom VIA 1535. This just depends on where I am going and if I really need to throw it in the bag.


But when I arrive...


Yes I have a problem. I enjoy a nice cold can of Redbull especially when I speak or just because.


Sorry, I know others bring them but I really try to shed the weight. I would have to buy them at home, why not just buy them there if you really need them.

Cough Drop Throat Thingies

You know sometimes when your gabbing all day your throat starts to get dried out.

In Summary

Ouch that was more than I thought. What about you?