Mon Aug 08 2011

I think we can easily agree that eCommerce has seen an explosion over the past decade. I personally do most of my shopping and buying online. I'm pretty fearless when it comes to purchasing online and I have bought items such as tires, my desk, tv, specialty food, homeowner type stuff and so on.

"It's actually cheaper to buy batteries online than at to go to your local drug store." - ME

I mean that as more of a general statement but if you look at the big picture there is actually a lot of truth to it. For me there are three factors when buying something, my time, gas, and the actual cost. Today ( at least where I live ) it seems like retailers are stocking a lot less than they used to. In fact I have event been to some big name brand stores who are purposefully shrinking there overall physical footprint and pushing you to buy from their online store.

In the case of batteries, since I am an Prime member, I can just hit up Amazon and order it, I get free shipping and will see it in two days. Don't' get me wrong, that isn't always the case so shopping around should always yield you a better process but I think you get the gist.

So no further, here is my list of places I typically shop at online.


Here is my list of general online shopping places.


  • Not sure where to go, seriously hit bing. I use bing shopping all the time to find things and retailers. Right now I am in a HVAC project for my house. I am using bing to find all the HVAC parts since the local hardware stores are just too expensive. Better yet, want to get paid just for searching around, check out bing rewards.

  • I am sure you already know what Amazon is but what about Amazon Prime? With Amazon prime you have a yearly membership but almost all shipping is 2 day for free and 1 day for $4 more. Oh yea, Prime also lets you watch their online movies too.* Walmart

  • StickerMule

  • StickerMule is the online place I prefer to get my Developer Smackdown stickers made.* Moo

  • I buy my custom business cards here.* Moleskine

  • Paper Notebooks* FieldNotes

  • Paper Notebooks* Brenthaven

  • Best bags on earth!* eBay

  • Online auction.* Costco

  • We are Costco members and the closest store to about 30 minutes away. Having said that, Costco online sometimes has different stuff than in the store.* PayPal

  • While not a store but rather a bank, I use PayPal any time a retailer offers it.* StubHub

  • Sporting Tickets* Netflix

  • Movies* Audible

  • Audio Books* Zune Pass


When it comes to clothes I am a pretty simple person. Most of my awesome wardrobe comes from Kohls.


If you have ever meet me or read this then you know I love my cars. I work on all of my cars, and I am doing a frame off full restoration of a 1970 Camaro. When it comes to tools I have one rule of thought ( regardless of project ); if your going to use it more than twice, just buy it. Depending on how much you will use it, should depend on how much you spend on the tool. For example. A socket handle, buy the best. A rare socket size that you might only use a handful of times, don't spend a whole lot.


Yes tools. I do a lot of things myself and have a lot of tools. I have bought tools such as a Miller MIG welder online.

Geek and Gadget

  • NewEgg

  • Online computer store. The first place I shop when looking for computer related parts.* TigerDirect

  • Online computer store.* Frys

  • The Walmart of Electronics.* B&H

  • Camera's, Audio, Microphones and on and on. Very big selection of electronics.* Worthington Distribution

  • I get my home automation stuff from these guys.* ThinkGeek

  • Total geeky stuff but cool.* MonoPrice

  • Best place ever to buy things like cables etc. You would be surprised how much less an hdmi cable costs from here than some place like BestBuy.* Gazelle

  • Sell back your gadgets and get a little money back.* Microsoft Store



  • Yes I bought my office desk from Seattle, and no I don't have Redmond envy. After we finished my office we needed a desk. In my mind I knew what I wanted but we were left with a custom space. I managed to find these guys and build a custom desk that quite honestly is kick ass! We worked together to with CAD drawing and scale diagrams, I got the size, shape and color I wanted all without ever leaving the house. It arrived on a semi truck and it took me a few hours to put together. I have now had the desk almost 2 years and it was an awesome purchase. These guys were great!* The Well Guru

  • For me this is the quintessential internet find. When we built the house we currently lived in, we had to have a water well. Not having one before I jumped online and started to do some research. Eric the founder is awesome and really knows his stuff.  Thank you Well Guru for fixing my water.* Angies List


Don't get me wrong, I still love to get out of the house at times and shop at a place like Frys. But that doesn't happen very often and the time saved by shopping online let's me have more time for things like my family. I didn't try to list all of the places I have ever transferred money online but rather the ones I frequently use.  I am sure I missed a few too.

And before you ask... Yes, I know my UPS man by name.

Where do you shop? What would you add to the list?