Fri Sep 30 2011

Chicago Ideas Week, have you heard of it? 100 speakers, 7 days, across 1 city? Well Dave Bost and I will both be presenting on Tuesday October 11th. I will be busting out some HTML5 and Dave will be ringing in some Windows Phone 7 Mango. Hope to see you there!

Start Something! Unleash your Web App with HTML5

HTML5 is the biggest and most powerful HTML specification to ever come out of the W3C. Its roots come from a proposal to extend HTML4 to make it easier for web developers to create web applications. With more and more browsers supporting HTML5, ECMAScript 5 and other web standards, developers now have a strong web platform they can use to create a new class of application that is more powerful and interactive than ever before. What's in HTML5 that lets us take our applications to the next level?


Start Something! Bring your apps to life on Windows Phone

Do you have the next million dollar idea that you just can't find the time to finish? Do you already have an app for Android and iPhone that you want to expand into new markets? Windows Phone is here - and with it comes a new world of opportunity for passionate, creative developers. Windows Phone gives you the power to build complex, robust applications using consistent hardware specs, a comprehensive development toolkit, and the all-new, full-service Marketplace for selling your apps.