Wed Dec 07 2011

Introduced as an alternative to after-work meetings on Madison's far-east side, The Geek Lunch is a "watercooler discussion" by a collective of software developers with all levels of skill.  Held once a month on the South Side of Madison over the noon hour, it gives independent developers an opportunity to meet face-to-face with other developers to discuss problems, share ideas, and generally learn from each other.  We do not have a set agenda or meeting leader. One or two people will get there lunch on the house, thanks to one of our generous sponsors: Beacon Technologies and Safe Bridge Solutions, and someone else will will a month of free training from PluralSight.

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Every 2nd Wednesday of the month (subject to change, check the website for current information)


Alt-n-Bach's Town Tap
"Bach Room"
2602 Whalen Ln  Madison, WI 53713


Eric Selje, Cooordinator ',

Eric is a software developer in Madison, WI. He loves to meet with other geeks to talk about what they're working on and how they're getting it done. He has deep roots in the Microsoft Visual FoxPro community and has been meeting with MadFox since 1995, and now the MadDotNet Geek Lunch since 2009. He also attends many of the other user groups in town, plays a lot of Ultimate frisbee, and is trying to learn to play guitar.