Mon Dec 12 2011

Software Craftsmanship McHenry County exists to bring developers in and around McHenry County together to share ideas on how to create better software, provide more value and cultivate professional growth throughout their careers.

At SCMC we are platform-blind and language-blind. Our only goal is to help everyone grow as software developers whether they're working on enterprise-level Microsoft systems or working on the hottest VC-backed startup this side of Silicon Valley. We love you all. Our meetings have ranged from Uncle Bob extolling the virtues of decoupling our objects from their persistence to hacking on Clojure Koans for a couple hours.

We meet on the third Tuesday of each month at Follet Software Company in McHenry, Illinois. Meetings start at 6:00 PM to allow for people driving and usually wrap up by 8:30 PM. Food and refreshments are courtesy of 8th Light and Groupon.

Our meetings are recorded and you can see past meetings and learn about the upcoming topics at


Follet Software Company in McHenry, Illinois


Third Tuesday of every month at 6:00 PM


Michael D. Hall, Founder

Back in Ole Aught-Nine Mike looked around and saw no software developer community near his home in Crystal Lake, Illinois. So he proclaimed, "Nay, this shall NOT suffice." and set out to found the McHenry Cloud Developer's Group, whose first meeting was held in the lavishly appointed basement of the Crystal Lake Public Library. After a year of holding meetings in such opulent settings as Panera and a pub bar, he sat down with Jim and Ryan to formulate the plan to find a permanent home for the group and lay out the charter for what ultimately was to become our beloved "Software Craftsmanship McHenry County." Today the group has grown to an average meeting size of over 15 attendees and enjoys ongoing sponsorships from several reputable companies that share in the values at the heart of software craftsmanship.

Ryan Gerry, Organizer

Ryan Gerry is a software engineer who is experienced using Open Source platforms. Ryan is currently working at Follett Software Company where he writes Ruby and Java applications. In the past he has worked in online advertising for Google and DoubleClick. His professional interests include cloud computing, web development, security, agile development methodologies and Open Source software. Ryan has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Western Illinois University. Ryan grew up in Lemont, IL but has been living in McHenry since 2006.

Ryan learned about the Software Craftsmanship movement at Software Craftmanship North America (SCNA) 2009 in Chicago. He also met Mike Hall at SCNA 2009 where they decided to start a user group in McHenry County.

Jim Suchy, Organizer

Jim is currently a Software Craftsman at 8th Light. He has over 11 years of software development experience. He has built software products for window and door manufacturers and worked as a consultant in the insurance, real estate, health care, and manufacturing industries. Jim has a Bachelor's in Math and Computer Science from the University of Illinois.