Sun Dec 25 2011

Sangamon Valley .NET User Group (SVNUG) Logo

The Sangamon Valley .NET User Group (SVNUG) is a Microsoft .NET user group based in Springfield, Illinois.  Founded in November 2010, SVNUG's mission is to encourage .NET development, research, and education in the Springfield, Illinois, technical community.  We meet once a month of an evening for a presentation on a current .NET topic.

For each of our talks, we produce a collection of source code and slides for our members and other .NET enthusiasts to reference as well as a video of the talk on both our YouTube and Vimeo channels.  Our two most popular videos are Scott Hembrough's presentation "Build Automation and Continuous Integration with TFS 2010" and Keith Reichert and Matt Havenar's presentation "Expression Blend 4 with WPF":


Build Automation and Continuous Integration with TFS 2010-SVNUG Presentation #9 (October 2011)


Expression Blend 4 with WPF-SVNUG Presentation #5 (June 2011)

You can find more at: ****


First Tuesday of every month.


The Hilton (downtown Springfield)
Conference Center (room varies by month)

700 East Adams Street
Springfield, Illinois 62701-1601


Allen E. Scharfenberg '

Allen is currently a Software Development Consultant with Capitol Strategies, Inc.-a software consulting firm based out of Springfield, Illinois.  While Allen has a great deal of experience in product development, frameworks, multi-threaded programming, and all that fun stuff, he currently enjoys helping his clients build their own business-critical applications.  Allen is the Public and Member Relations Officer for the Sangamon Valley .NET User Group (SVNUG).  When he is not coding, Allen enjoys spending time with his fiancĂ© Amanda and their houseful of pets.

Brandon Stricker '

By day, Brandon is a systems engineer for Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc. (LRS) in Springfield, Illinois.  By night (and sometimes on the weekends), Brandon enjoys photography and videography-which is lucky for us because, without Brandon's passion, enthusiasm, and knack for professional-grade video work, SVNUG would not have so many wonderful videos to share with its members and the .NET community at large.  A newlywed, Brandon enjoys spending time with his wife June.  Thankfully, June lets us borrow him and his camera a couple nights a month.

Mark Lovik

Mark is currently a consultant with Capitol Strategies, Inc. in Springfield, Illinois.  With a doctorate in Physics and a penchant for taking on Herculean software development projects, Mark tends to be a busy guy.  Even so, Mark enjoys developing new ideas for talks, blogs, and videos for SVNUG and spending time with his family.

Matt Wilson

Matt is currently an Enterprise Architect with Horace Mann Educators Corporation in Springfield, Illinois.  Matt loves patterns and UML.  Which he loves more, know one will ever know.  When he is not busy working or advising the group on complicated business and compliance issues (okay, they are not complicated to him, but they are to the rest of us), Matt enjoys spending time with his family.

Keith Reichert

Keith is a Software Engineer with Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc. (LRS) in Springfield, Illinois.  Although he loves writing video capturing and editing software for LRS Sports Edge, he also loves spending time with his family.  Keith is one of the four original founders of SVNUG.

David McDaniel

David is a Senior Developer/Analyst with Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc. (LRS) in Springfield, Illinois.  When David is not lamenting Allen's inability to pay attention to anything, he is spending time with his wonderful family.  David is also one of the four original founders of SVNUG and a former educator.