Tue Dec 27 2011


The Madison, Wisconsin .NET User Group** is an enthusiastic open community with a focus on Microsoft .NET and other related technologies.**

Everyone is welcome to attend our free meetings - generally the 1st Wednesday of the month is our presentation meeting where we have a two hour presentations on a select topic - everything from the latest emerging technologies so you're informed of what's coming - to - how to more effectively utilize the technologies that you use in your day-to-day programming life so you can maximize your potential!

For our presentation meetings - come hungry as we will provide free pizza - as a hungry developer is a scary thing. :)

Also -- generally on the second Wednesday of the month we have a .NET Lunch where we get together and talk .NET technology while having great food!

At MADdotNET - we focus on empowering the overall developer community with knowledge - so that together we can all increase our connections with one another as well the technology that will make each of us more successful, and thus have more fun, with what we do every day!

Everyone is welcome; we are a mix of .NET professional developers, students, teachers, any one just interested in learning more - we also encourage local recruiters to attend - as they are looking to get the best jobs to the easily the best candidates in entire Madison market!

What we are not are "9-to-5'ers" - those people who's interest stops when they leave their computers. We are passionate about learning and enthusiastically improve our skills and connections!

Everyone is also welcome to present to the group - it's easily said that you never know a topic as well as when you prepare to teach that topic to others. Come talk about technology that makes you excited, whether it's something you use day-to-day or something that you do ( or want to do ) on the side. There are so many great topics, from HTML5 to Kinect, from MVC to XAML, from SQL to jQuery. Challenge yourself and be rewarded from what you learn and can show to others!

You can find more at: www.MADdotNET.com


Generally the 1st and/or the 3rd Wednesday of the month, with an additional .NET lunch meeting generally on the 2nd Wednesday of the moth. See our site and follow us on Twitter ( @MADdotNET ) for all upcoming meeting. > Also - highly encourage you to subscribe to both:

  1. MADdotNET@googlegroups.com ( http://groups.google.com/group/maddotnet ) -- Our discussion forum where user group members post cool things they find and/or ask any questions on projects that they are working on and want the perspective and experience of the best developers in the area!
  2. MADdotNET-announcements@googlegroups.com (http://groups.google.com/group/maddotnet-announcements ) - Meeting and event announcements only.


Presentation Meetings:

Herzing University Madison ( 5218 East Terrace Drive, Madison ) - Room #120
5:30pm - 6pm: Networking ' 6pm - 8pm: Presentation and Pizza

.NET Lunches:

Alt-n-Bach's ( 2602 Whalen Lane Madison, WI ) - in the Back Room
11:45am - 1pm


Lance Larsen ' mail@lancelarsen.com ' www.LanceLarsen.com