Fri Dec 30 2011


angleBracket is a simple organization of web enthusiasts who collect once a month to tackle a given topic. We spend roughly 10 minutes introducing a topic and then pair up and start coding. When we decide enough is enough we get back together and share our findings.

You can find more at:


Every 3rd Thursday of the month.


College of Lake County

Room: TBD
19351 West Washington Street
Grayslake, IL 60030-1198


Clark Sell '

Clark is a web evangelist for Microsoft based in Illinois. A Chicago native who can't spell, Clark as a kid actually made his money building cars, getting grease under his nails. That art of building would later lead him to software development where he drinks the Web Development Kool-Aid. Writing code is what keeps Clark awake at night, while continually working on his craft and rapping with others over a few cold CORS. You can hear Clark muse about software on his podcast Developer Smackdown, or find his family cruising around in a 1968 Camaro SS.

Pat Paaschp

Pat is a .NET developer for GFX International in Grayslake, IL. A Wisconsin native, he attended the infamous Sheboygan North High School and has enjoyed a great deal of bratwurst and cheese. While earning his Business Administration & Marketing degree he saw a classmate's Perl/CGI book and decided is what a good idea to avoid all things technology and software related. But, he found himself working with computers and software during his first job when he became the IT department because he could call his older brother who "worked with computers". When he's not spending time with his wife and three kids he's trying to figure out if this WWW thing is really worth all the trouble.