Mon Feb 06 2012

This past week That Conference hit another major milestone, seeking sponsorship.

Well over a year ago Scott and I we're sitting in the local pub and dreamed up what we now know as That Conference. There has been a lot of work to date just getting things off the ground. Regardless, I think it's important to celebrate major milestones and involving sponsors partners is clearly a huge one for us.

That Conference will not be successful without the support of our partners. Every partner I've talked to, I have asked them to be creative, "Think Different" ( thanks Apple ), help us help you make it a gigantic win for both. Don't be afraid to ask, or present us with something different. We don't want partners who just sit in the corner behind a table. We want partners who want to be engaged and part of the overall conference experience, partners who want to stand out making That Conference the best conference and conference experience in the Midwest.

But, we need your help too. Help us spread the word, make an introduction, suggest someone, feel free to involve us. We cannot do it alone, nor do we want too. So far we've meet a lot of great partners and we've dug up a few new folks but we're just getting started.

All of our sponsorship information can be found at: Help spread the word, and feel free to reach out.

That Conference is a great new opportunity to do something different.

a note from the past for the future -

One of the goals of mine as we are planning That Conference is to provide transparency into the process, a peek behind the curtain if you will. Maybe your trying to plan something too, and hopefully this provided you one ounce of help.