Thu Feb 09 2012

Since day one when Pat and I started planning things, we've wanted to incorporate the real world. A number of ideas went back and forth but I guess we I just couldn't see the forest through the trees I guess.

Last week, I was complaining to Scott Seely about trying to get off the ground when he slapped me upside the head with, "why not do it at Angle Bracket"?

Yea no kidding, there's the real world.

What's Well right now it's just an http 503. My plan for was to build a website that was a collection of all the happenings from around the Midwest. That's User Groups, People, Events, News, and so on. The goal wasn't to replace anything out there already but rather point people to everything that is out there and help support the broader community. ( fwiw, I am thinking sprout core )

Our first Angle Bracket meeting was a big success and we want to continue building upon it but our core principals won't change. Introduce a new web topic every month, pair up, code it, and share with each other. Learn the web together.

Now we're going to also add the "real world" part into the mix. Let's build out For example ( assuming the base site already existed ) this months topic is storage. We could add a feature to MidwestGeeks that enabled a client side profile, maybe something like a list of your favorite user groups.

For the people who want to work on the site, have at it, those who want to work on something from work, or just play around, that is still expected and welcomed.

What happens when is done? Easy, we will just find something else.

Hope to see you at Angle Bracket.