Thu Feb 09 2012

I just wanted to take a brief moment and list out a few of the important upcoming dates, that you might care about.


April 2nd ( Monday )

  • Call for speakers opens. We will have a signup form on where you will be enter the appropriate information.

April 16th ( Monday )

  • Call for speakers closes. Yes that means you have two weeks to get your abstracts in, but there is plenty of prep time.


{ feel free to bribe the organizers here. j/k }


May 1st ( Tuesday )

  • That Conference will announce the speaker lineup.

May 16th ( Wednesday )

  • Ticket registration opens at 8:13 am cst.


We're all developers, you know what happens when there isn't a date out there.  If your planning on submitting a session abstract, start getting those bad boys ready.

Be creative and think different.