Fri Feb 17 2012

Last night we held the second Angle Bracket meeting or as we like to call it </>. It was flipping awesome to see a number of people return as well to see a few new ones.

This is a user group, it's about YOU , it's about US. Each and every meeting I am going to ask each person: what do you want to get out tonight? You're spending your free time to come out, so dammit be greedy. It's 2+ hours with friends, speak up, try something different, and most importantly walk away feeling like you accomplished something and had a little fun along the way.

I want to take a moment and talk about that I like and what I want to continue to work on.

What I liked:

  • All of the interaction between people. Seriously this is the best part I think. Diversity of tech that people we're exploring. Informal structure. I sure don't want things to feel like work. Were there on our own time, it should be enjoyable.* The after meeting. For me the conversation at the bar is great. We share stories, talk tech, and tell crappy jokes.

What I want to work on:

  • The overall format. Find better focus on real world aka I know personally when there is something real to work on it pushes you to do more, explore more and not just forget about it. This is just one way to apply something\anything to something that is real. Sharing. We're not doing a good job of coming back together and sharing what we learned. For instance, last night we should have at least shared:
    *   Adam, explored what happens when you pop the 5meg limit.*   The Robot Brothers, we're playing with Phone Gap and WebSocket. Learned it wasn't working like they expected. They we're also showing off Windows 8\.*   Louis, was deep into storage exploring the namespaces*   Sean, I learned just submitted a jQuery plugin for multi-touch drag and drop.*   Myself and a few others we're struggling with Sprout Core working with  

That is all awesome, but we didn't seize the opportunity to share all of that better.

Once again the meeting was great. If you live around the far northern suburbs of Chicago, come on out, write some code, and have a few beers. Help us out and share the word:

Our next meeting is March 15th.