Mon Feb 20 2012

Well hello caption obvious, welcome to the party.

Ok seriously, Chris is a cool cat, one of which I have a massive respect for. Like most, I have followed his work, learned a lot from him and been lucky enough to meet him. BUT...

I am not him. We're not related. My first name isn't Chris. My last name isn't plural. He is a legend, writes books, very public, and is just all around badass. I hear he even understands XAML. I am not him, or the other brother of This may seem odd to you at first, but people call me Chris all of the time. I honestly don't get it. Why? Chris, Clark, yea,,, not even close. Ok yea, they both start with C. Nope, still don't get it. On the flip side, I can understand putting an 's' on the last name. I hate it but it seems to be common practice to just pluralize things. I get called Clark Sells all the time. Yea I hate that too. But wait for it, things get's better. I get people who thank me all of the time for his work and I have even seen him get thanked for my work. Some of these "people" have even been on my direct team. Seriously?!?!? This is all so odd to me. Does it bother me? Well at first it did but now I am just rather used to it. The bigger problem, it happens almost every week, at least to me. I am SURE people are not going up to Chris and calling him Clark. I can just see it now. Hey Clark, awesome podcast on Developer Smackdown. Chris stands there with a look on his face that I give on mine when trying to understand the magic behind XAML binding.

Seriously for flipping sake, take a half second and just pay a little more attention. After all it's kind of rude, and embarrassing for all parties. When you send an email take an extra second and just look at what you typed into the TO: line.

I know, this is all coming from a guy who isn't very good with names, but this is just different. I do try and try very hard. I will at least recognize when I screw up, and then apologize.

Moral of the story? Take an extra second and figure out who you're actually talking to. It's really not that hard. If you're reading this and you thought I was Chris. Sorry for the disappointment I have no caused, but hopefully you will keep reading. You can find Chris at

Image was taken from Bing Images who took it from somewhere on Chris's website.