Wed Feb 22 2012

Who? what? Can't figure out who's who? Well follow both and just call me Chris. No seriously I will answer by Chris.




Thanks Pat for pointing out that our pictures are well... You get the point.

August 2nd 2000, the day "csell5" was born. My name is Clark Sell, officially Clark Paul Sell. As it turns out, I am the third Clark Sell in the family, following my dad who followed his. When the birth certificate was written, my parents granted me the middle name of Paul to distinguish me from my dad. They had the right intentions.


Imagine if you will, sitting in the dentist chair. The dentist walks in, has your chart in hand asking you what appears to be valid questions.

"Hi Mr. Sell. How's your teeth?"



"Anything been bothering them?"

"No not really."


"Ok, Great. Well, we will just get this shot ready and start working on that tooth."



"Yes. Standard practice before we work on a cavity."

"Umm, sorry doc. I think you have the wrong chart."


"Clark Sell right?"

"Yes, but the one who's 30 years younger and I was just here for a cleaning."


"Opps. That would have been funny."

"Right, funny. You should sit in my chair and hear the laughter."


This didn't just happened once, it happened all the time. In fairness, more so when I was growing up and had the same address. Although, I am the youngest member of AARP with an official card. They swear I am retired.

Oh yea, back to August 2nd. Sorry, I was setting the stage a bit.

So, my dad and I clash with things like names. WELL. It also happens to turn out, he's into this whole technology thing too. I can remember seeing MSN Messenger thinking that was the most awesome stuff. It was like ham radio for geeks and without all those damn tests. So I signed up and it went a little something like this:

UserName: csell

Sorry already taken.

"Damnit Dad"


UserName: csell1

Sorry already taken.

"Ah common, are you kidding me"


UserName: csell2

Sorry already taken.

"screw this"


UserName: csell5




Man the creativity was just pouring out of me that day. Now remember, this was before the whole social grid. Before we knew better than to put numbers or oddball characters in our user names. BUT, it managed to stick. Back then, everything became csell5. I thought I was making it easy. I guess I should have just made it Chris.

Then came this whole social revolution, and keeping, I kept. I never thought about it and people started to get used to just trying csell5 @ X. I never thought it would be an issue. Well it is, specifically that #5. It turns out having a number in your username isn't really a good idea, at least on things like twitter and especially when people confuse you with non other than Chris Sells.

Then one day... Boom! My head exploded all over my desk.

Holy $h!t. That 5 looks like an S. { hands on face } People are going to think I am some weirdo dude who stalks Chris, has a similar handle, twitter picture. Quick, I will just go change it.... -> login -> change user name -> "DAMNIT DAD".  Chris, just in case I managed to freak you out, I'm not actually trying to stalk you, but it sure is starting to look like it.

So why not just switch now? Well as I alluded, my dad already has it. You can follow some random dude who doesn't use @csell, my dad at @clarksell, Chris at @csells and me @csell5. Now I just need to find some hipster who can create me a new identity.


FWIW, after a few times of that dentist screwing up the reason I was there, I decided to switch dentists. And while I was at it, I switched any other medical related service where my records couldn't \ shouldn't be confused with one another.