Thu Mar 01 2012

Throughout my career I've always been interested in how people learn. I personally don't feel like I am very good at learning. Honestly I struggled in school, I suck at taking tests and like you found myself in a career where studying it one of the core pillars of what we do.

Show 50 on Developer Smackdown Mark and I kicked around the notion of how do people learn. Personally I have a lot different method, and I am always trying to refine things. Newsletters are one important part of my learning process.

Idea's happen when you least expect them too.

This past Saturday I was messing around with the kids when I had this idea, Metro-Weekly.  I personally try to read the metro_weekly_logo "news" every day for at least an hour. I use a number of different sources one of which has become two different newsletters produced by Peter Cooper, JavaScript Weekly and HTML5 Weekly. Peter does a great job of curating the news around a given topic and I look forward to reading them every week. So I figured I would follow in his footsteps and produce one based on everything Metro, i.e. Metro Weekly.

Metro, Metro, Metro...

I feel like a bit of a broken record because I find myself always telling people that these  are exciting times to be a software developer. New hardware form factors, the interconnectivity between things, browser wars, focus on user experience, and on and on and on. Think about it, as web developer you can actually write some HTML5, CSS3 and JS and actually produce for almost every platform.  That is crazy, like mind blowing crazy.

My goals with Metro Weekly are simple. Help you grok everything GREAT going on with Metro. Things like, great apps, software libraries, news items, books, articles. Hopefully Metro Weekly will become something you can count on to help you grok Metro.

You can help.

I am just one person, and the community we work in is very important to me. As part of the launch yesterday, people can submit an article for review. I will review them and include them where I can, AND give you the credit for the find. In addition I plan to create a place on the site where we can list all of the user submitted articles for people to read as well. This is an overall area I will continue to expand upon.

The Metro Developer Show

I listen to a lot of podcasts.  A few months back I meet Ryan and Travis Lowdermilk over at The Metro Developer Show. If you've never listened to their show it's a must and very well done. Between their show and this newsletter there is a lot of areas for partnerships. We know it and are actively working on the best ways to share information between each other. I am personally very excited about working with the two of them.

This is just the start. I would love any feedback you might have.