Fri Apr 20 2012

I wanted to just take a few minutes and detail a number of events coming up ( here in the Midwest ) in which you might just be interested in attending. In fact, if you're looking to get involved with Windows 8, I would love to know. I am looking for passionate people to help me teach, run labs, office hours and more. Please just email me, and lets chat.


Ready, set,,,, take a breath,,, GO


The Windows Developer Event aka The Windows 8 Kick Off

Next Thursday April 26th, Chicago IL

Registration Link

There are still some spots left for what I consider the kickoff event for what will be some exciting times with Windows 8. We're going to spend the entire day with some of the best designers and developers across the Midwest introducing you to the new world of Windows 8. We will start off the day exploring how computing has changed and how Windows 8 is here to help you. We will hear from guys down in the trenches building applications for the Windows Store. Then it's time to get dirty with Metro and what it really means. But wait, why not also see how to do some development with Kinect. Of course we can't go through the day without understand just how the cloud fits into everything and how can we make some cash.

Oh yea, we will have robot's too. Why? Why Not! Get your head out of the clouds, HTML5 is here, and the Web will never be the same!

April 27th, Appleton WI

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You've no doubt heard that before, or something like it. We'd guess that when you did, you got excited, rolled your eyes, or mouthed the word "why?" and furrowed your brow. Perhaps your reaction was a mix of all three.

We wouldn't blame you for any of those reactions. HTML5 is exciting, and it does have the potential to change the Web as we know it, but it also gets blown out of proportion. What's more, its true meaning can be elusive. It's a broad topic, so it's difficult to wrap your head around HTML5, much less know where to begin with this exciting new set of technologies.

And then there is the cloud. The cloud is changing the way we think about computing.

That's where our bootcamp comes in.

Over the course of a one-day, we (Clark Sell and Brian Prince) will tell you everything you need to know to get started with the next generation of open web technologies and cloud. We'll start with an overview of what HTML5 is, and why it matters, before moving quickly through major aspects of the core HTML5 specifications. Then, we'll discuss highlights of CSS3, major new JavaScript APIs and language features, before we end with a discussion on graceful degradation and adopting HTML5 without leaving older browsers behind. Throughout the day, we'll mix in hands-on exercises and labs so that you can leave with a working understanding of these technologies, and how you can begin to apply them immediately.

But what good is your website without a place to put it? To the cloud! Fox Valley Day of .NET

April 28th, Appleton WI

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A great 1 day community conference in a place where the rivers flow in the wrong direction. Join myself and a number of talented peeps across the area talk about everything .NET. You will see things like Phone Gap, Windows 8, node.js, Azure and even a few robots. There are 4 tracks running all day, so you're head is bound to explode.

I even made a mini garage for my demo. Someone even called it a man's doll house man cave. Azure Kickstarter

May 1 - Downers Grove IL, Registration Link

May 3 - Chicago IL, Registration Link

If you've been looking for the right opportunity to figure out how to get started with the cloud, your chance is here. We're putting together a series of learning events, led by some of the nation's leading cloud experts designed to take you from grounded to flying in just a single day. Better yet, it won't cost you a thing, and lunch and prizes are provided.

This is a hands on event, not just staring at a presentation, so make sure you grab your laptop, charger, and whatever else you need to keep you company while you actually build something. We'll also show you how to get your hands on Azure hosting for no cost, so you can cloud up for free! Strirtrek

May 4th, Columbus OH

Already sold out but in your in Columbus, so will I. Find me, let's chat maybe even enjoy a cocktail. I will be breaking out my designer skills and talking about Windows 8 and Metro. Windows 8 Accelerator Lab

May 7 - 9th, Downers Grove IL

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Are you working on a Windows 8 app? Do you want to be ready by launch? Need a reason to get started? Good, well I am going to let you in on a little secret. I am not supposed to tell you about this, but I am going to anyways. I am running an Invite Only Accelerator Lab starting May 7th. This is all about code. None of that presentation stuff. Let's get that app started or maybe even finished. Let's take a few api's and explore them. Over the course of three days we're all going to build stuff. My goal is to get you ready for market while we all learn something along the way. A Date with 8

May 17th and 18th, Grayslake IL

Brought to you by the folks at That Conference we will be spending a day and a half building apps. On Thursday night we're kicking off things with an App Pitch and then a social at the local pub. Then Friday it's build! At the end of the day present your app and maybe even win some stuff. Cloud, Phone, Windows 8 are all on the table. Chicago Code Camp

May 19th, Grayslake IL

I love community events and this is another stellar one here in the hometown. This is the 4th year for Chicago Code Camp ( aka CCC ), and it's shaping up to be a great event. In fact you still have until tomorrow to submit an abstract if you want to speak. Windows 8 Camp

June 7th, Chicago IL

Registration Link

It's never to late to get started with something. The Windows 8 Camp is a one day half day eyes forward, half day hands on. A great mix of getting started and getting doing. That Conference

August 13th - 15th, Wisconsin Dells WI

Registration opens May 16th at 8:13am CST for $349 dollars.

I know you've heard of That Conference. Yes, That Conference.

That Conference is your "Summer Camp for Geeks". Held at the Kalahari Resort in the beautiful Wisconsin Dells, it's your last chance to get away before summer slips away. Spend three days with a thousand of your fellow campers, geeking out on everything code, apps, web and cloud. Your camp counselors are the best survivalists in the industry, and will make sure you leave with the skills you need. With over 125 sessions to choose from, your head may overheat, so cool off in one of the many nearby pools. Unlike your usual technology conference, you will be camping at the best waterpark in the region. Not happy with all the content we crammed under the tent? Feel free to join our open spaces and tailor your conference experience.