Tue Jul 09 2013

I have a new job role!!!

8 years ago I started my career at Microsoft. Way back then, I started in what was a consulting group who was focused at building software for financial services companies. It was a good run and I worked with an incredible set of people. Of course in any big company all great things must get changed, so what was my little ( relatively speaking ) organization was swallowed up by the larger consulting monster. That lasted a couple of years and then I started to search for my next journey. That meant interviewing with the Team Foundation Server team. If you knew me back then, I was pretty damn involved with the TFS team and was lucky enough to do some really cool stuff with that product. Now, I live outside of Chicago and MSFT is of course in Redmond Washington, so I am proximity challenged to say the least. Long story made short, I eventually ended up in DPE ( Developer Platform and Engineering ), the field side for those who keep up with MSFT politics .

My time in DPE afforded me the ability to spend a deep amount of time in our community and that was just awesome. I really enjoyed the memories and working with people in a capacity one could only imagine. It's an organization which was completely opposite of the my consulting experience. I'm a huge believer our community and the people around it. So many people pour their heart and souls into making everyone in our industry just a little better. I certainly hope, I've been able help a few people along the way.

What does this mean for my community involvement? Nothing really, I love being actively involved in the community and That Conference should be a good sign of that... I will continue to do what I do and hopefully have a bigger impact than I've been able to have in the past. I have been cooking up some crazy ideas that I hope to start on after this year's That Conference. Maybe Mark and I will even get Developer Smackdown back up and running and finally finish that garage door project we've been working on for too long.

So what is my new job? Well, ironically I am now working for DPE but on the corporate side of things. I'm part of a unique team who spends half of their time helping customers ship their top projects and the other half building product for Microsoft. My primary focus will continue to be Windows 8 and the web stack, I can't leave that right? Nope. I love to build software and I love to help customers, and this is a perfect blend of product development while still helping customers and I still get to live in Chicago.

I would be lying if I didn't say I was just a little excited to be part of the engine and working with some really smart peeps. I am really hoping I will have the opportunities to take the past 8 years in the field and influence a little change, make a little awesome and drink a couple beers along the way. Here's to writing code and chasing your passion!