Fri May 09 2014

WTF is 271,447 you ask? Well let me take just a moment and explain. You see, I am (or was) #271,447. I am the 271,447st person to get hired at Microsoft. Now I know what you're thinking, WAT 271,447 people have been hired at Microsoft, but then you should know that Microsoft will actually recycle employee numbers. Today I think things around around 600k which makes me the 271,447st UNIQUE person to get hired. Looking back it appears that I've managed to become an old-timer without realizing it. Truth be told, I never thought I would last more than two years. Boy I guess, I was wrong.

As the title suggests, I'm leaving. I was told yesterday these types of posts really mean more to the person writing them, than they do to the readers reading them. Regardless, after 9 years of what can only be explained as some of the craziest moments in one's career, I've made the emotional decision and yet really exciting decision to move on. I leave on good terms, with fond memories, and no regrets.

Before the media starts to go crazy with the rumors of my demise, I want you to rest assured that everything is in fact ok, I am not sick. I was riding bikes with E a few weeks ago when I told him I was leaving Microsoft. He said, "Are you going to go to Google or Apple". I said, "well no, I'm going to Telerik". E said, "tellawho? Why would you do that daddy?". Needless to say the next three miles on our bikes was one of the most interesting conversations to have with my 8 year old. Kids ask some really damn good questions.

So I guess today marks my last day at Microsoft. It's been weird to say good bye and yet very exciting to start a new chapter. Today I leave my office as a Microsoft employee, and on the 19th I will walk back down to the same office but working for Telerik. I will have the same chair, same desk, but a different team and a much different computer. At Telerik I will be working on the Enterprise Platform as a Product Manager. It's a great mix of everything I'm passionate about; mobile, web, customers, teamwork, building software and the list goes on.

Needless to say, I'm very excited to start this next chapter.

~ Clark