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Software as an Experience

What started in the 90's with a Palm's PDA has become Tablets, Phablets, Phones, Ultrabooks, TVs, watches, micro-controllers and all connected by the cloud. Software today has fundamentally changed. Today it evokes emotions, connects families while fundamentally changing the way we live as human beings. This so called mobile revolution is taking place right now, right in front of you, but are you really taking full advantage of it or even worse leaving money on the table? Did you know that just updating you’re app on a regular basis creates another touch point with them? Your customer interactions are important, let's explore creating a high fidelity experience while evoking a meaningful emotion.

How I'm Failing in the Windows Store


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Clark Sell, Senior Program Manager and Developer Advocate, Microsoft

Clark is a developer advocate and program manager for Microsoft DPE based in Illinois. A Chicago native who can’t spell, Clark as a kid actually made his money building cars, getting grease under his nails. That art of building would later lead him to software development where he drinks the Web and Mobile Development Kool-Aid. At Microsoft, Clark spends his days working with Global ISVs helping them deliver their top products leveraging Windows 8, Windows Phone and Windows Azure. As of that wasn’t enough, Clark is the co-founder of a polyglot software development conference called That Conference You can check out his blog at or find his family cruising around in their 1968 Camaro SS.

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